Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WAG # 5: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

"WAG #5: Life In Motion” Sometimes it’s good to approach writing like taking a photograph with words. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that a scene is always in transition. For this week’s adventure, sit in a good observation spot and notice how the scene in front of you changes from one minute to the next. Has the light changed? The sounds? The people? What’s different now compared to when you first arrived? Is there anything you can see (or hear, smell, etc) that is changing right in front of you? Be creative and break the rules! This week is all about change!

Ever the daring explorer, I ventured forth in search of an observation post and ended up at Barnes & Noble, as is my wont. I use a digital recorder to document my observations then write my assignment from them. Today's exercise was such that it brought into relief, not change, but the changeless. For some reason, and a number of patrons commented on it, not much was going on at B & N today. Consequently, my observations consisted of a few customers all doing pretty much the same thing; however, my penchant for philosophical reflection did produce the following, which, I think, is most profitably read by keeping the theme song for The Beverly Hillbillies firmly in mind. If change is the order of the day, then this certainly qualifies.

Let me tell you of a story 'bout a thing called change.
A nifty little concept with a quite expansive range.
You can't tell if it's happening without a starting place,
So you note the difference from the now exposed in time and space.

If you start up with the outer world, the first thing that you see
Is that it's vast and infinite but centered here in me.
This means that every little change that I can see without
Is distinguished by the fact that I can call it into doubt.

Unlike the changing world I see around me every day
"I doubt my own existence" isn't true for me to say.
The minute that I say "I AM" my being is exposed,
The Mighty Presence that I AM is that in me which knows.

And so, my friend, as you can see it's true as true can be;
Change changes but the Changeless still is at the Heart of me.
What's real abides, whate'er betide, but change falls by the way;
I AM, I AM, I know I AM is always true to say.


  1. Hi Iain,

    Clever- I could hear the music! Thanks for the smile and deep thoughts. Cheers! (Now that I've added a comment to your blog-that has changed as well...)

  2. Catchy tune.

    The Barnes and Nobles near me was quiet as well, except for the screaming kid of course. Who brings a screaming kid into a book store. Well your piece made me think of that, yesterday it happened and I haven't bought my caffine drip for the day.

    Nice piece, Iain.

  3. I like this one... yes, people do so often do the same thing. This one was harder for me than I expected it to be!

  4. What a clever take on the assignment, Iain. I toughly enjoyed it. Too bad you didn't work in the bubbling crude, black gold - cappuccino. ;)

  5. Very creative. And funny. You have such a great imagination. And you not only excelled at a topic I struggled with, you did it in verse! I am impressed.